Every child is on a unique pathway with rights to develop their abilities and interests, while remaining connected to their community and the world they live in.  

We believe that success and growth is innate and to be nurtured by family and guided by support from qualified early years practitioners.  Kinder aged children have a growing responsibility for themselves, peers and their environment all of which is supported by Bush Kinder.

Our educators are passionate about building upon their own knowledge as active learners and will role model to children how to value this in their own lives.

Bush Kindergarten focuses on every child’s self esteem, confidence and kindness to others through creativity, persistence and social connectedness.  A natural setting allows the strengths of a child to emerge.  A child see’s the world around them with wonder and they will learn to explore, consider and communicate what they find, need and offer.

Mission Statement

bush kinder kindergarten school Melbourne Australia
bush kinder bush kindergarten Melbourne Australia

Job Opportunities

bush kinder kindergarten school Melbourne Australia
bush kinder kindergarten melbourne australia
bush kinder kindergarten Melbourne Australia
We are not currently looking to fill any positions.

We are however, always interested a wide variety of views, opinions and experience and and will always consider how these can contribute to improving outcomes for this outdoor educational experience.

Please contact us via email with your ideas and feedback.

BUsh Kindergarten